Black Bay



The Black Bay celebrates 60 years of diving watches with extraordinary heritage. The iconic model inherits the general lines, as well as the domed dial and crystal from the first Tudor diving watches. It borrows the characteristic angular hands, known as snowflake, from the watches delivered in large quantities to the French National Navy in the 1970s.

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Tudor Black Bay

REF: 7941A1A0RU
SKU: M7941A1A0RU-0001

  • Case
    Cassa in acciaio inossidabile, 41 mm, finitura lucida e satinata
  • Bezel
    Lunetta unidirezionale graduata 60 minuti in acciaio inossidabile con disco in alluminio
  • Movement
    Calibro di Manifattura MT5602‑U Movimento meccanico a carica automatica con rotore bidirezionale
  • Dial
    Nero, bombato
  • Winding crown
    Corona di carica a vite in acciaio inossidabile con la rosa TUDOR in rilievo
  • Crystal
    Vetro zaffiro bombato
  • Waterproofness
    Impermeabile fino a 200 m
  • Bracelet
    Bracciale a tre maglie in acciaio inossidabile, finitura lucida e satinata, con chiusura TUDOR “T‑fit”

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