Salvadori opened its first store in 1857 in the world’s most interesting and romantic city: Venice. Already from the beginning of the 20th century, this prestigious store offered watches from the prominent Swiss watchmaking company which, in 1962, confirmed the partnership by making Salvadori an official Rolex dealer.

Amidst the scents coming from the Orient and spices from afar, this magical city shrouded in mystery became home to a unique store featuring large wooden windows. At the entrance is engraved the phrase “The Happiest Hours are Still to Come” made entirely of pure gold and accompanied by an hourglass.

In 2012, to celebrate the 50-year partnership with the famous watchmaking company, Salvadori decided to open a boutique dedicated exclusively to this prestigious brand in St Mark’s Square, the beating heart of the city of Venice and the perfect place to give a worthy home to precious and refined creations. Here, the reflections of the lagoon make the sun shine brighter, the people walk by and the new “Procuratie” between the old Napoleonic wing and the Marciana Library are full of old and new stores that recount a Venice that does not seem to know the passage of time.

Thanks to the excellent skills of the Rolex architects, a new type of boutique was created with fine furnishings that blend ancient 18th century stone vaults, preserved on the second floor of the shop, with decidedly contemporary lines and innovative materials.

On the exterior, two large rounded glass windows entice customers to stop and linger at the beautiful artistic windows created by Roldecò, Rolex’s decoration department, inviting them to enter, even if only to let the eyes get a taste of beauty.

The handcrafted decorations of the windows once reflected the Gothic rosettes of the Doge’s Palazzo, and the details of the residences overlooking the Grand Canal, while now they pay attention to the details of the Venetian palazzos and bricole on the Grand Canal, creating a natural frame for all the Rolex models on display: from the most precious ones in gold and platinum studded with precious stones, to those in steel and gold or steel, up to the sports models.

In 1980, the union between Salvadori and Rolex landed on the mainland.
The company opened a new store in Corso Palladio in the heart of Vicenza, the city of gold.

To recapture the image of the first boutique, the store took over the corner position, giving it more importance and honour.

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