Boutique Salvadori Vicenza

Vicenza Salvadori Diamond Atelier
Galleria Porti 2, Corso Palladio, Vicenza
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In 1980, Salvadori landed on the mainland and the company opened a new store in Corso Palladio, in the heart of Vicenza.

Once again, a city of art, where the late Renaissance architecture built by Palladio is combined with the green Berici hills to create a perfect union, just like the in city of Venice, between art and nature.

And because of its ties with the lagoon city, Salvadori ‘Vicenza’ is presented externally on a corner, as the first historic shop, a typical corner of Contrà Ports with large glass windows. Entering the two storey shop, you go down a modern white Istria stone staircase and get to the lower floor where you can admire an ancient Roman wall.

Thanks to its functional structure, this shop is perfect for the usual events and openings that the company constantly organizes.

So, what better city for Salvadori to have a base on the mainland … in the words of D’Annunzio: “Vicenza the beauty, my divine, my beloved city …”

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