Boutique Panerai Venice

Salvadori Panerai Boutique
Piazza San Marco 47, 30124 Venice
+39 041 5200899 –

In 2013, the historical Salvadori jewellery shop inaugurated, after years of collaboration with this high-end brand, the opening of the Panerai Boutique.

Clock making since 1860, it was made the official measuring and precision instruments supplier to the Italian Navy…therefore what better place to celebrate the unbreakable bond between Venice, the sea and Officine Panerai?

Sports watches, incomparable technical excellence and unique design. Design beautifully shown inside the Boutique, the perfect combination of art, past and present.

Explore the second floor of the shop and be enchanted by the frescoes on the vaulted ceiling … decorations dating from the end of the 1500s and the first half of the 1600s … female figures, coloured draperies from pastel green an golden yellow to Venetian red … cherubs playing and flying … each design seems to expand, almost inflate, because of the fact that, once, the intermediate floor didn’t exist, and to create a greater impact, artists of bulged the shapes .. . for an incredible end result.

Old photos of sailing ships and divers frame the current store design, with furnishings that reflect the stylistic details of Panerai watches…

A boutique dedicated to passionate people who can see the fascinating story of a brand that made history through its impressive business, and will continue to do so on the wrists of its best customers …


Venice Boutique Panerai