Watch support Rolex, Tudor, Patek Philippe e Panerai

The story of Salvadori began in 1857 in Venice, in the prestigious Saint Mark’s haberdashery. At first, only as a watchmaker, it grew more and more in the industry of this ancient craft tradition and, by the end of the twentieth century, came to offer the most prestigious brands top quality watches: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Panerai, Tudor.

Salvadori’s professionalism is not limited just to the sale of the wide range of classic but to sports watches and watches with large complications. Salvadori, to guarantee an exceptional post-sales service, makes use of its two watch workshops where experienced and qualified engineers attend annual refresher courses in the Geneva area, ao as to always meet the demands of our customers and stay with them even after purchase.

What is Reviewing?

As watches have a mechanical movement inside them, after a few years, every watch needs to be revised to renew it completely, inside and out, to make it just like the first day when you put it on your wrist.

During the review, the movement is disassembled, cleaned, and the damaged parts are replaced with genuine spare parts supplied directly by their Swiss Mothers. This is why we always recommend bringing your precious watch only to an approved service centre, in order to avoid later unpleasant incidents.

Subsequently, the movement is tested and observed for a few days to monitor its performance. So is the case and bracelet, which are then glazed and polished, respectively. Waterproof and quality control tests are then carried out at different stages to guarantee the highest quality standards and to offer a two-year warranty on the two years of work carried out.

The guarantee does not apply to any intervention by a third party not authorized by the parent companies and to damage as a result of accidents and incorrect clock usage.

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