Patek Philippe

The history of Patek Philippe from 1839 until today…

Since it was founded, in 1839, Patek Philippe has always stood out for its extraordinary mastery of the complications of watchmaking. This also applies to all the extra functions of a watch, apart from just the indication of hours, minutes and seconds. In 1989 the company presented the Calibre 89 (33 complications), which, for more than 25 years, was the most complicated portable timepiece in the world. To celebrate the end of the millennium, they presented a pocket watch with a dual dial, Star Caliber 2000 (21 complications). The savoir-faire of the company also applies to wristwatches. In 2014, the company celebrated its 175th anniversary by presenting the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime (20 complications), with five alarms, two of which are patented world premieres. A timepiece that is now entering into the current collection with 6300 as a reference. Another memorable piece is the Sky Moon Tourbillon (12 complications), now available in a version that pays tribute to the tradesmen of the craft. It has a hand-engraved case and a dial made in Cloisonné and champlevé enamel (reference 6002).

With the largest collection of complicated watches in regular production, Patek Philippe is the undisputed star of this supreme expression of the art of watchmaking. The Patek Philippe watches with large complications have extremely sophisticated mechanisms such as the famous “minute repeater”, one of the most important in the industry, that sound the time on their own, the tourbillon or a split-seconds chronograph. Even the perpetual calendars, another great Patek Philippe tradition, belong to this category, like the astronomical indications such as the time of the sunrise and sunset or when the stars come out. These different mechanisms may be associated within the same clock or be equipped with further refinements such as the retrograde indication of the date or the instantaneous jump systems. The company also satisfies women’s growing interest in mechanical quality and offers some major complications, such as the perpetual calendar and minute repeater, but exclusively for female.