For years, I have been thinking of the possibility of creating watches that our dealers can sell at a lower price than our Rolexes, but that can enjoy the same traditional trust. I therefore decided to found a separate company, dedicated to the creation and sale of these new watches. This company is called MONTRES TUDOR SA

This was said on March 6th, 1946, by none other than Hans Wilsdorf, a prominent figure in the high-end Swiss watchmakers that gave birth tos Rolex in the first decade of the twentieth century. With this statement, not only was the new TUDOR brand revealed, but also the strategy of positioning and brand new communication that it intended to take.
Hans Wilsdorf’s intuition is as ingenious as it is simple. At the time, the wrist watch was becoming a booming market. The public is ready to recognize and appreciate a product with technical and functional features and a distribution guaranteed by a prestigious watchmaking brand and recognized around the world for the quality of its products. TUDOR made its first steps under the aegis of Rolex but then quickly moved forward to free itself entirely from the brand with the crown.