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Salvadori starts its activity in Venice in 1857. Salvadori is a member of the most impor- tant world diamond bourses, Antwerpen and Tel Aviv, which are the exclusive suppliers for its diamonds , all carrying GIA and HRD certifications. Salvadori diamonds feature very high qualitative standards that strictly include exceptio- nally white to white diamonds (D,E,F,G) , pure at visual or VS examination.

Each Salvadori diamond has excellent cut properties to enhance brilliance.
Each Salvadori jewel carries its trade mark VE370 ; trade names and design are cove- red by copyright. Metal frames are usually platinum and gold in all its tones. Particular care is devoted to stone setting, which combines craftmanship excellency with advanced technologies.

Salvadory jewels are synonym of elegance, refinement and exclusivity.

We are pleased to welcome you to our new boutique, Salvadori Diamond Atelier in Venice San Marco Square, adjacent to our Rolex and Panerai Boutiques, or to our Salvadori shop in Corso Palladio, Vicenza.

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A Salvadori piece is synonymous with elegance, refinement and exclusivity.

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