Vacheron Constantin

For Vacheron Constantin, the quest for excellence is a state of mind and a process that involves each stage of production, from design to finishing.

Established in 1755, Vacheron Constantin boasts the title of the oldest watch manufacturer in the world, thanks to over 260 years of uninterrupted creations and savoir-faire. This heritage boasts priceless timepieces and gauges that have marked history, demonstrating the inexhaustible technical and aesthetic creativity of Vacheron Constantin. Each new model aspires to perfection and combines the watchmaking craftsmanship and stylistic research. Vacheron Constantin combines virtuosity with traditional horological complications and highly technical and new features. It competes with new mechanical challenges, and with the extreme complexity of ultra-thin movements. The result of exceptional skill in mechanical watches, a rigorous precision and a development studied in detail, the gauges signed by Vacheron Constantin enhance the Art of Watchmaking in all its richness.