Salvadori Rolex Boutique - Venice

Rolex Boutique - Venice

People stroll, the sun is shining, the birds are walking...

We are in Saint Mark's Square, the heart of the city of Venice. We are under the new Procuratie, between the ancient Napoleonic wing and the Marciana Library.

It is here, between refined architecture, that Salvadori decided to open shop, to pay homage to the outstanding fifty years of relationship with the most popular Swiss Watchmakers, Rolex, a boutique devoted exclusively to this brand.

This time Salvadori chose the Square, as it is the most touristy and famous place in Venice. With the outstanding skill of the architects, Rolex creates a new type of boutique with unique furnishings that blend ancient eighteenth-century stone vaults, stored on the second floor of the shop, with decidedly contemporary lines and innovative materials. On the outside, two large rounded windows invite customers to come in and dwell on the wonderful artistic windows made from Roldecò (Rolex's decoration studio).

The window decorations, made by hand, take over the loggia and the Gothic rose windows of the Doge's Palace. They act as a frame for all the Rolex models on display. Some are made in gold and in platinum with diamonds, rubies and sapphires, and others are steel and gold or steel models, or sports models, which are among the most popular for all tastes and needs.

With the opening of this magical Boutique, a small luxury corner, Salvadori, in 2012, hoped to satisfy its customers more and more, increasing its prestige and love for art.

Salvadori Rolex Boutique - Venice
Salvadori Rolex Boutique - Venice
Salvadori Rolex Boutique - Venice

Salvadori Rolex Boutique
Saint Mark's Square, 47
+39 041 2602313
30124 Venice