Discover Salvadori
Discover Salvadori

Discover Salvadori

A tear
A smile
And here
Your yearning spirit
Contemplates of a single glow...

This is the emotion that Salvadori stirs in the soul of the people who receive a Salvadori Jewel. Tears of joy, smiles ... the reflection of a diamond... Behind this magical precious stone, used to celebrate the happiest and significant moments in people's lives, an ancient story is hidden which dates back to 300 BC, when the first diamonds were discovered in India. The diamond is not fascinating only for its beauty but also for its hardness, superior to any other precious stone. It was considered the "King of the gems". In ancient Greece it was thought that diamonds were "star splinters fallen from heaven to earth" and this inexhaustible fascination has remained intact to this day.

Salvadori, with over 160 years of history and member of the most important of the World Diamond Bourses, Antwerp and Tel Aviv, is the silent guardian of this magnificent gem.

The company's long process begins in Antwerp. It is here there they buy diamonds in all sizes and with high quality standards. The Salvadori Diamond has an excellent cut, an indispensable feature for perfect light return. Salvadori only buys stones in colours from exceptional white to white (D, E, F, G), loup cleap and with VS clarity. Each diamond is always has GIA and HRD certificates which are the only valid and recognized ones throughout the world.

Every Salvadori jewel is made entirely in Italy with its own name and VE370 brand. All the designs are copyrighted. The preciousness of the diamond goes beyond its commercial value. The diamond is "a splinter of a star fallen from heaven"... A diamond is given as a gift when one's heart is full of love... A diamond is kept safe, and handed down.

The birth of a child, an engagement, an anniversary... A Salvadori Jewel...