Royal is a name first used by TUDOR in the 1950s to emphasise the superior quality of its watches. The TUDOR Royal range is part of this heritage in that it offers automatic sport-chic watches with integrated bracelets that are as affordable as they are uncompromising. Cutting-edge technical performance and refined aesthetic are characteristic of this range, which sits at the crossroads between classic and sports watches and comes in stainless steel or stainless steel and gold and is offered in 4 sizes with 9 possible dials.

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Tudor Royal

REF: 28603
SKU: M28603-0006

  • Case
    Cassa in acciaio, 41 mm, finitura lucida e satinata
  • Bezel
    Lunetta scanalata in oro giallo 18 ct. con scanalature e finitura lucida alternate
  • Movement
    Movimento meccanico a carica automatica, Calibro T603
  • Dial
    Color champagne, finitura soleil, con diamanti
  • Winding crown
    Corona di carica a vite con logo TUDOR. Acciaio rivestito da uno strato di oro giallo 18 ct. di 0,1 mm
  • Crystal
    Vetro zaffiro
  • Waterproofness
    Impermeabile fino a 100 m
  • Strap
    Maglie centrali in acciaio rivestito da uno strato di oro giallo 18 ct. di 0,2 mm

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