Tudor pays tribute to its origins and watchmaking traditions with its 1926 line, a range of mechanical watches that are timeless, classic and elegant. Available in four sizes with a wide choice of dials, the 1926 line is named after the year when “The Tudor” was registered as a brand on behalf of Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf.

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Tudor 1926

REF: 91550
SKU: M91550-0004

  • Case
    Cassa in acciaio, 39 mm, finitura lucida
  • Bezel
    Lunetta liscia in acciaio, finitura lucida
  • Movement
    Movimento meccanico a carica automatica, Calibro T601
  • Dial
    Nero, bombato, con decorazione in rilievo e 6 diamanti
  • Winding crown
    Corona di carica a vite in acciaio con il logo TUDOR in rilievo
  • Crystal
    Vetro zaffiro
  • Waterproofness
    Impermeabile fino a 100 m
  • Bracelet
    Bracciale in acciaio, 7 file, maglie esterne satinate, maglie centrali lucide, con chiusura pieghevole e fermaglio di sicurezza

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