Ca’ d’Oro Earrings

The Ca’ D’Oro (“House of Gold”) Palace, dating to the very early 1400s, is so named because some parts of the facade were once covered in gold. It is a jewel of Venetian Gothic architecture. The Ca’D’Oro Collection reinterprets the interplay of forms and spaces of one of the architectural details on the loggia, on the second floor. Over one carat, these earrings are made of white gold set with 276 diamonds. The piece is 5.8 cm high x 3 cm in total. When worn, the top part rests on the lobe.

All diamonds used by Salvadori below 0.30 carat are individually selected to ensure the highest quality: they are Loup Clean (LC) and Extra white & colour (F).

All Salvadori diamonds over 0.30 to 0.40 carats are always accompanied by international GIA and HRD certificates, and have differing characteristics.

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