Choose to say “Yes” in Venice, among celebrity weddings and hidden beauties.

Choose to say “Yes” in Venice, among celebrity weddings and hidden beauties.

Venice, with its lagoon and magical islands has always been the perfect setting for a magical and memorable wedding, allowing couples to fulfil their dream of love.
Whether celebrities, nobility or ordinary people, those who decide to get married in this city not only choose its atmosphere and magic, but also marry a bit of this special city and the people who live here.
Walking though the laneways in a white dress, holding your loved one’s hand, means giving joy not only to those invited but also to those passing by. And this is how Venice becomes almost human, celebrating this love affair by giving the couple something so unique that the only way to describe it is to actually experience it.

In recent years, many famous (and not-so-famous) couples have chosen the lagoon to swear eternal love: from the famous and highly secretive marriage between George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin to the highly photographed marriage between Alvaro Morata and Alice Campello.

Not only foreigners, but also many Italians choose Venice for their big day, why?
Explanations are not necessary, you only have to visit this city once to know why.
The unique atmosphere, with the green reflections of the canals, of a city that seems to rest gently on the water’s edge, make Venice a dream destination for a picture-perfect wedding.

There are hidden and extremely romantic places that only the eyes of lovers can fully appreciate. Many couples who choose this city, when visiting it for the first time, become lost among the laneways and unexpectedly find themselves in front of beautiful hanging gardens, old mansions or squares that show the daily life of a timeless city.

It is customary or traditional to take the ritual photos in front of the Bell tower of San Marco or the Palazzo Ducale, but Venice is so much more than this: it is everything that is hidden to tourists, and that only newlyweds are worthy to discover on the most important day of their lives.

Venice is love at first sight

Perhaps this is why Lady Gaga, after visiting the Lido last year, is said to have chosen Venice as the location for her wedding with Christian Carino, a city that makes every event a little more magical.

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